Modern Kitchen Island Design Ideas

We often hear references to “modern kitchens,” but what are they really? The elements that comprise a modern kitchen include sleek cabinetry design, a splash of unexpected colour, and stainless appliances, to name a few. But what about the modern kitchen island? Here, you will find some tips for choosing a modern kitchen island design.

Modern Base

One of the easiest ways to incorporate your personal style into your modern kitchen is through the small details. Pairing your 4046 Excava countertop with a metal base will bring out the authentic features of rust and concrete within the stone. The materials dramatic visual presence makes it especially impressive in a modern kitchen design.

Multi-Level Counters

Incorporating a multi-level countertop is another way to make the most of your modern kitchen space. A two-tier island is great way to increase the functionality and storage space in your kitchen area.  A raised bar turns the island into an area that is perfect for both food prep as well as eating and entertaining.

Above and Beyond

Open shelving and hanging racks is the perfect way to increase storage in your kitchen while maintaining a sleek and modern kitchen vibe. The area above the countertop is just as important as the rest of the kitchen design. Hanging pot racks, an industrial vent, or trendy lighting can be a fun way to create the modern look you’re trying to achieve.

Caesarstone’s New Collection

Rough, tough and unpolished, Caesarstone’s new industrial collection has officially widened the scope of possibilities for your new kitchen remodel. Caesarstone’s new concrete finish captures real depth and movement of the material. 4643 Flannel Grey or 4044 Airy Concrete are the perfect choices to pair with a bright wall paint and a tile backsplash. The versatility of Caesarstone’s new colours allow for your dream of a modern kitchen to be brought to life.


When redesigning your modern kitchen, it is best to be prepared before beginning the designing process. Caesarstone’s free design software- the Visualiser is a great tool that allows you to mix and match different countertops and cabinetry to find the look that works best for your home.


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