Kitchen Renovation

So you are considering a renovation project but don’t know where to begin? Take a seat at the kitchen table, drink some tea to relax and take look around. Why not start with a place that helps quiet your mind and bonds the whole family together over home-cooked meals — the kitchen.

According to real estate professionals, carrying out a kitchen renovation is one of the best investments a homeowner can make. For many prospective buyers, the kitchen is a prime consideration when making a purchase decision. This room is vital to one’s home and allows a space for nourishment, creativity and relationship building.

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A beautifully designed modern kitchen might even encourage prospective consumers to buy, despite problems or minimal defects that may need to be addressed. For many, the kitchen is their favorite place in the house, a space where they can explore recipes and feed the ones they love.

Undertaking a kitchen renovation may increase the value of your house since a modern and comfortable kitchen is usually a top item on buyers’ lists. Even slight changes can help inflate your home’s total price and your return on investment can significantly grow while putting your home on the market.

The Kitchen is a Celebration of Family and Friends

A remodeled kitchen can refresh your home and inspire creativity. The kitchen instills a sense of harmony and trust within a family since it is an open space to share one’s feelings and needs. This is more than just a room, it promotes companionship, love and security.

The kitchen table doubles as a desk for late night study sessions and homework assignments while a bad day can be fixed with some fresh chocolate chip cookies.
Through a kitchen renovation, you can add life to the place that is vital to your family’s well-being and happiness.

Kitchen Renovation with Caesarstone 1141 Pure White, Photo: Tal Nissim

Quartz is Caesarstone

Now that you are ready to renovate, consider the tools you will need to achieve these changes. Quartz, a material used for surfaces, is a simple, cost-effective and stylish way to achieve a beautiful remodel. Quartz improves the overall feel of a room, transforming the space into something sleek and clean.

Investing in a quality material is key for a successful renovation so look no further than Caesarstone, the leader in the natural quartz surfaces market. Since quartz is manufactured, there are many color options, making each kitchen unique and individual.

Quartz is similar to concrete and granite in terms of durability but it is a little more forgiving. This allows the Caesarstone quartz to be resistant against cracks, scratches, and stains. Additionally, quartz is softer to the touch than comparable materials. This type of surface is ideal for families with young children who can be a bit rougher on counters and walls. Spills and mess are no problem for quartz since clean-up is very quick and almost instant.

Since the kitchen’s main function is to prepare meals as well as to eat, quartz is considered a more hygienic material due to it’s non-porous structure. Caesarstone quartz reduces the likelihood of cultivating bacterial growth which can lead to illnesses. A clean countertop is essential to a healthy home, especially if you have a growing family and you want to keep this space disease-free.

Additionally, if you are looking for a quartz collection that is easy to keep clean, check out our Motivo line, a modern and attractive solution for any surface including kitchen backsplashes and wall paneling.

Kitchen Renovations and Remodeling with Quartz

Caesarstone quartz surfaces perfectly intertwine nature and technology. Our surfaces contain up to 93% natural quartz, one of nature’s toughest minerals. We can construct the quartz to precisely fit your kitchen, appearing both seamless and custom-made.

Quartz maintains a highly polished appearance which provides a natural elegance without requiring chemical sealants or waxes. If you are looking for both a strong and durable natural stone, quartz stone surfaces are your best bet.

When choosing a type of quartz, there are many different colors, finishes and textures to design a kitchen matching your needs and taste. The quartz can also be produced in varying shapes and curves, allowing the quartz to be implemented in any area.

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Kitchen Remodeling Ideas – Ahead of the Curve

Whether you want to renovate your home for your own use, or prepare it for a sale, kitchen remodeling ideas that incorporate Caesarstone materials are ahead of the curve. Our styles range from traditional to modern to progressive with fresh and bold options.

Look through our available colors, textures and designs to create the kitchen of your dreams. Additionally, Caesarstone surface don’t require sealing, treating or polishing which allows for simple care and easy maintenance. The best way to clean our surfaces is by using regular detergent and water. This type of surface is also long-lasting and continues to appear new even after years of use.

Kitchen Remodeling Ideas – Eco-Friendly

At Caesarstone, we recognize the fact that many people strive to be environmentally-friendly and would prefer their kitchen remodel to be stylish and functional without utilizing materials or producing waste which can harm the environment.

This is the main reason why we have worked hard to become the first composite quartz manufacturing company to achieve the ISO 14001 standard! This is a framework of ideals that a company or organizations can follow to protect the environment.

Our strong commitment to keeping our products safe and environmentally-friendly is demonstrated in the items we design and within our corporate culture. It permeates within our business from the top down. Even our manufacturing plants incorporate recycling technologies, changing the way we deal with waste by turning discarded material into something useful.

Further, we try our hardest to only pursue business with suppliers that are also eco-friendly. From our kitchen countertop, table tops, to wall paneling and more, leaving a small ecological footprint is essential to us.

You can rely on Caesarstone to turn your kitchen remodeling dreams into something real and tangible. With almost unlimited designs and combinations to choose from, Caesarstone quartz is the perfect solution for your next renovation project. Our products are cost-effective, eco-friendly, stylish and practical.

We want your new kitchen to truly reflect your individual tastes, desires and lifestyles!


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