FEUER Group is a multinational corporation, founded in 1963 in the famous port city of Rostock, Germany by a group of German engineer with Jewish blood, whose mission is to research and produce induction cooker products, not only durable, beautiful but also power saving and safe for users. Later when the technology developed along with the essential needs of the market, FEUER continued to produce other products such as hood, dishwasher and other household appliances and kitchen appliances … More 56 years of operation, FEUER Group has manufacturing plants in Germany, Spain, Italy, China, a large business network with subsidiaries and branches in Germany, Spain and Italy. , France, … and strategic distribution partners in Newzealand, Malaysia, Vietnam ….

As one of the major high-end home appliances manufacturers in Europe, FEUER’s main products can be mentioned as: kitchen equipment (induction cooker, infrared stove), hood, oven, washing machine, dishwasher. Other household appliances and kitchen equipment … The Group provides products from basic level to high quality design models. In particular, FEUER is a leading German brand of induction cooker. Applying the most advanced technologies, FEUER induction cookers are especially popular and widely used in the European market

FEUER’s strategy is to focus on developing R&D and its own commercial structure to ensure complete service and support for multinational customers. At FEUER, investment costs for product research, development and innovation account for a large proportion. FEUER is always looking for ways to innovate products and improve quality continuously with the most advanced technology, the most effective, providing effective, friendly products, utility in use, with quality world level. FEUER always aims to satisfy the needs of each customer in each different market, even, beyond their expectations by providing the most advanced technology products for home appliances and equipment kitchen.